The Ultimate Guide to Mixed & Best Tasting Vodkas

Best tasting vodka

Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Mixed Vodkas

First things first: there’s a community of people that says Rahasya vodka is the best vodka to drink straight and we wholeheartedly agree with. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t make for great cocktails – quite the contrary, in fact. All your favorite, most popular vodka cocktails can be successfully mixed and made with Rahasya Vodka’s legendary blends.

If you’re looking to do just that, our suggestion would be to ditch all the ‘good vodka brands’ and settle for the best – Rahasya!

1. Screwdriver

To qualify as a cocktail, a drink needs to have three components: a base, a modifier and a garnish – in which case it’s funny how this literal two-ingredient drink drives people crazy! All you need is a fresh glass of orange juice and vodka and you’re good to go!

This effortless drink is tasty and so easy to make at home. Create a big batch for friends and family and just want to pour, stir, and enjoy.

2. Vodka Tonic

Sure, people swear by Gin and Tonic, but we believe Rahasya is the best tasting vodka. And thus, you can mix Tonic with our vodka and get great results!

For the uninitiated, tonic is better, so make sure you modify it according to your taste. 

Personally? We like it with a squeeze of lemon and lime, but that’s optional. It’s also just as tasty with orange juice, as mentioned above!

3. Blood Mary

No, if you say ‘Bloody Mary’ into a mirror three times, no ghost shall appear. But if you say it to the right bartender even once, a really delicious drink will appear in front of you!

It’s so easy to make it at home too. 

Prepare a base of ​​tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. Add some cucumber, vinegar, celery seeds, garlic, black pepper, and salt and you’re good to go!

Although most people drink it for fun, some people argue it’s a really effective hangover cure too.

Try it and let us know! 

4. Vodka Cranberry

No, unlike a screwdriver, a Vodka Cranberry is more than a two-ingredient drink. So don’t just mix the two and drink something super sweet!

Balance out the flavors by adding lime and orange juice. For an extra zing, throw in a squirt of lemon for zesty goodness, which will add even more flavor to the drink.

Add a tinge of OJ, and your perfect Vodka Cranberry will be complete!

5. Black Russian

No, we’re not talking about anything Russian here – because even though Russians love their drinking and their Vodka, this drink was actually first created in 1949 in Brussels.

And no, it tastes nothing like the espresso martini, so if that’s your end result you’re doing something wrong. Here’s how you can make your own Black Russian!

Add two parts vodka to one part coffee liqueur so that you make it really strong. Take a sip, and if the coffee flavor hits just right, you’ve done your job!

6. Berry Vodka

No fruits? No problem. Open up the freezer and pull out some berries – because few things taste as good as a Berry Vodka!

Now, you could replace the berries with a syrup, but we’re purists and believe you will extract maximum flavor from actual berries.

Crush the berries, prepare your base, and top it up with some Rahasya Vodka. The perfect Berry Vodka with no added sugar is complete!

7. Appletini

If you love apples, there’s no chance you won’t love an appletini. When made with Rahasya Vodka especially, the appletini tastes especially delicious thanks to a secret ingredient we recommend – maple syrup!

Squirt a lemon and mix up the apple juice, and we promise you that this Appletini will pretty much be a delicious boozy dessert in a glass!

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Mystery Mule


60 ML Cucumber Rahasya vodka
15 ML Ginger Syrup
20 ML Lime juice
6 – 7 Pieces Mint Leaves
100 ML Soda to top up



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Dry vermouth
1 Piece Lime zest



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Triple sec
20 ML Lime juice
60 ML Cranberry juice
1 Piece Orange Zest

Mystery Mood


45 ML Rahasya vodka
20 ML Limoncello
20 ML Lime juice
15 ML Elderflower mint syrup
90 ML Tonic water

Tropical Thriller


60 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Pineapple mint puree
10 ML Lime juice
90 ML Coconut water

Mystery Mary


60 ML Rahasya vodka
90 ML Fresh tomato juice
15 ML Lime juice
15 ML Sugar syrup
4 Dashes Tabasco
1 GM Celery salt rim

Get Lucky or The Mandavli


60 ML Pepper Rahasya
20 ML Strawberry rosemary shrub
100 ML Tonic water

Procedure –

  • In a highball glass add ice
  • Pour the ingredients 
  • Top up with tonic water 
  • Garnish with rosemary and strawberry

Strawberry Rosemary shrub –

  • In a bowl add chopped rosemary
  • Mix strawberries with 500 gm sugar 
  • Let marinate overnight till sugar is dissolved
  • Add 200 ml or as required Red wine vinegar (set aside for 2 hours)
  • Strain and store in a jar or bottle

Wake Me Up


60 ML Rahasya Vodka
60 ML Espresso coffee
20 ML Star anise syrup

Watermelon Basil Martini


60 ML Rahasya vodka
60 ML Watermelon basil puree
20 ML Lime juice