Best vodka brands are taking Indian Vodka Market on a High!

7 Important Facts About the Indian Vodka Industry

Vodka means ‘Dear Little Water’ in Slavic languages. It is a clean, tasteless, distilled alcoholic beverage that is made from grains or vegetables and comprises primarily water and ethanol. Vodka is one of those spirits in which the delicate flavor of the base ingredient used to manufacture it may or may not be tasted in the final product. The beverage is sold almost unaged and can be consumed straight, mixed, or served chilled on ice.

India is one of the largest producers as well as consumer of spirits globally. On the basis of volume, it is also one of the largest spirits markets in the world. With the country’s huge population of 1.3 billion, changing lifestyle, and rising disposable income, the demand for spirits and the best vodka brands in India with price is expected to remain high in the foreseeable future.

When it comes to vodka, it blends really well with Indian palettes. The beverage has been scaling new peaks in terms of sales volume in the Indian market. There are many best vodka brands in India with price points differing from affordable, premium, and super premium ones.

Here are a few facts and insights about the Indian Vodka Industry and the best vodka brands in India with price.

  • Drink of choice: With the cocktail culture spreading across the cities and towns of the country, Vodka is a fast emerging and preferred choice amongst liquor consumers as compared to other categories in Indian Made Foreign Liquor  (IMFL). Take a look at the collections in most lounge bars and pubs in India and you’ll see a plethora of the different vodka brands with price points starting from new and emerging brands to luxury and designer labels.
  • A growing market: The Indian Vodka market observed a growth of more than 12% CAGR from 2017-18 to 2022-23 with the best vodka brands in India with price. With the rise of the best vodka brands in India with price, the market for this white spirit has been growing at the rate of 25-30 percent p.a.. The current market size of the best vodka brands in India with price is estimated to be over one million cases per annum. The big players in the liquor market are optimistic about bringing in luxury vodkas to the country. With an increase in the disposable income of the Indian consumers, the increasing number of bars in the country, and the rising party culture, the Indian vodka market is expected to grow at a high rate.

The rage of flavored vodka:

The flavored vodka segment has become something to talk about. Flavored vodkas are all the rage. The market growth in the flavored vodka segment has been explosive. With the introduction of the best flavored vodka, vodka sales have achieved new heights in India. The introduction of flavored vodkas has led to the expansion of the vodka market in India. More of the younger generation are now drinking and preferring the beverage because of the best flavored vodka variants. Demographically, India is one of the youngest with around 50 percent of the population below the age of 25 and about 65 percent of the population below the age of 35. Flavoured vodka variants have become a preferred drink not just for men, but for women too.  

Growing demand for luxury vodka: While the Indian consumers still prefer relatively cheaper and inexpensive whiskey and rum, when it comes to white spirits, labels matter as much as the taste. Big companies are looking at launching their luxury brands and bringing the best vodka brands in India with price. The target audience for the best vodka drinks are people who are aware of international brands and are looking for superior quality and value for money. The Indian market is currently seeing a transition from price oriented purchases to a more quality oriented experience. However, value growth is expected with luxury brands that use high-quality ingredients and the best distilling technologies from the world to make the best vodka drinks.

Creation of designer vodka

The drive towards the premiumization of Indian spirits and especially the best vodka drinks is another important feature of the growing Indian spirits market. The market has seen the rise of designer vodkas that are amongst the best vodka brands in India with price and premium experience as the two major determinants. It is expected that the future growth in the best vodka brands in India with price in the liquor industry will be mirrored by continued consumer trends towards premiumization, which is motivated by the rising affluence and aspirations, urbanization, globalized outlook, and progressive lifestyles. With more and more Indians traveling abroad and a favorable environment for imported liquor with higher disposable income, Indian consumers of vodka are upgrading towards premium segments in the country and enjoying premium drinking experiences with the best vodka brands in India with price.

Rise in high-quality Indian spirit production: The rise in the preference for best vodka brands in India with price and the demand for premium, high-quality beverages led by the increasing disposable income of Indian consumers has also brought to the forefront Indian brands looking to offer premium vodka experiences to customers with the best vodka brands in India with price. A big one amongst this is Rahasya, launched by the Goa-based Blisswater Industries Pvt. Ltd. Rahasya vodka stands out as a unique craft liquor and vodka brands in India with a unique flavour profile embodying the spirit of India in craft spirits. Having received a positive response in Goa, Rahasya vodka is one of the best vodka drinks and is planning  to infuse the overseas market with its unique blend of taste and tradition.

Craft vodka experiences

Thanks to made-in-India experiences like Rahasya vodka, craft vodkas are getting popular. Craft components and all-natural ingredients have been known to work for consumers abroad and are now finding interest in the Indian consumers of the best vodka brands in India with price. These best vodka drinks are adding vibrancy to the market and appeal to the Indian consumers of spirits. With the entry of more and more of the best vodka brands in India with price and their unique propositions, this segment is expected to grow on the Indian consumers.

With increasing communication between the urban and rural regions of the country, the market for the best vodka brands in India with price is further expected to grow with increasing awareness of premium white spirits like Vodka. With a young demographic base, expanding middle-class, growing income levels, and greater preference for premium food and drinking experiences with the rising social acceptance of spirits, the Indian spirits industry holds great potential especially for the best vodka brands in India with price and will continue to drive alcohol demand in the country for years to come.

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Mystery Mule


60 ML Cucumber Rahasya vodka
15 ML Ginger Syrup
20 ML Lime juice
6 – 7 Pieces Mint Leaves
100 ML Soda to top up



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Dry vermouth
1 Piece Lime zest



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Triple sec
20 ML Lime juice
60 ML Cranberry juice
1 Piece Orange Zest

Mystery Mood


45 ML Rahasya vodka
20 ML Limoncello
20 ML Lime juice
15 ML Elderflower mint syrup
90 ML Tonic water

Tropical Thriller


60 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Pineapple mint puree
10 ML Lime juice
90 ML Coconut water

Mystery Mary


60 ML Rahasya vodka
90 ML Fresh tomato juice
15 ML Lime juice
15 ML Sugar syrup
4 Dashes Tabasco
1 GM Celery salt rim

Get Lucky or The Mandavli


60 ML Pepper Rahasya
20 ML Strawberry rosemary shrub
100 ML Tonic water

Procedure –

  • In a highball glass add ice
  • Pour the ingredients 
  • Top up with tonic water 
  • Garnish with rosemary and strawberry

Strawberry Rosemary shrub –

  • In a bowl add chopped rosemary
  • Mix strawberries with 500 gm sugar 
  • Let marinate overnight till sugar is dissolved
  • Add 200 ml or as required Red wine vinegar (set aside for 2 hours)
  • Strain and store in a jar or bottle

Wake Me Up


60 ML Rahasya Vodka
60 ML Espresso coffee
20 ML Star anise syrup

Watermelon Basil Martini


60 ML Rahasya vodka
60 ML Watermelon basil puree
20 ML Lime juice