Classic Vodka Cocktail Recipes You Can Mix At Home

How to make amazing vodka cocktails at home

The most fun way to start a party or to wind down after a long day is to make a cocktail. Making cocktails is an art that requires the right tools  –  good ingredients, the best vodka in Goa, and precision. If you’re looking to learn how to make some mean cocktails with vodka, here are a few tips to help you learn how to make amazing cocktails.

  • The right equipment: When looking to make amazing cocktails with the vodka, you need to organise the right equipment as well. For all shaken and stirred cocktails, a mixing glass and shaker are sufficient. If you enjoy stirred drinks, you would need a long-handled bar spoon. There are various wide-mouthed, heavy-bottomed mixing glasses and long-handled bar spoons in the market for you to pick from to make cocktails with the best vodka brands in goa. You’ll need a julep strainer to strain the stirred drinks. For shaken drinks made with vodka, you’ll need a Hawthorne strainer to keep the citrus pulp out. 

For precise measurements of vodka, you’ll need a jigger, which is made of two opposing metal cones and is used to measure a 30 or 60 ml pours. For citrus twists in your cocktails made with the best vodka in goa, a simple Y peeler will do. Add a muddler to your cocktail kit. It is used to mash up fruits, herbs, and sugar cubes to best infuse their flavours into cocktails. The best muddler to use would be the traditional wooden one.  Additionally, add some old-fashioned ice cubes molds to serve stylish cocktails to your guests. 

  • Stocking your bar with alcohol & ice: You do not need a great many bottles to be able to tackle most of the classic cocktail formulas. To begin with, you’ll need a bottle each of gin, vodka, tequila, light rum, rye, bourbon, blended scotch, brandy, dry white vermouth, sweet red vermouth, a few essential liqueurs, and a handful of bitters. While there are a lot of the best vodka brands in goa for you to choose from, Rahasya Vodka is one best vodka in goa that you need to make the most heavenly cocktails. As you grow confident with your cocktail making, you can add more variants to your stock. You may also need simple syrup for some cocktails like Blue Curacao Syrup, Mojito syrup etc. . However, you can either purchase them from the market or easily whip up a simple syrup yourself and store it in the refrigerator in a sealed container.
  • Glassware: A big part of making  and serving a cocktail is using the right glass to serve it in. There are many cocktails whose names have also come to stand for the name of  the glass that they are served in such as the Martini. There are a few cocktail glasses that you should invest in. Coupes are a good option for drinks made from vodka that are “served up” and not on ice. Rocks glasses, or old-fashioned glasses, are ideal for drinks made from the vodka that is served “on the rocks”, i.e. over ice. Tall and thin Collins glasses are perfect for light-bodied drinks made with the best vodka in goa. Additionally, chilling the glass adds an attractive frost to the glass and enhances  the enjoyment of a cocktail made from the best vodka brands in goa.
  • Stirring & Shaking: Almost every cocktail made from the best vodka brands in goa is brought into being by either stirring or shaking the contents with ice in a mixing glass or a cocktail shaker and then straining it into a cocktail glass. When a drink contains either citrus, eggs, or dairy, a bit more vigor is required to mix its ingredients. Then, shaking is called for. Begin by combining the ingredients and vodka with ice in a mixing glass. Place the metal tin atop the glass at a slight angle and hit it with the heel of your palm to tighten the seal. Turn the shaker over so that the glass is facing you with one hand at the bottom of the glass and the other at the bottom of the shaker. Shake vigorously in an up and down motion.

When a drink is made of nothing more than the base alcohol, it calls for stirring. Simply combine the ingredients, the best vodka in goa, and ice in a mixing glass. Using a bar spoon held loosely between your thumb and the first two forefingers, circularly stir the mixture until chilled and properly diluted.

Balance in a cocktail

When making cocktails with the best vodka in India with price, aim for a balanced blend of flavors. Make sure that no one flavour, whether sourness, sweetness, or bitterness dominates the cocktail. The cocktail made with the best vodka in goa should not just taste good in the first sip, but also until the last sip. A proper cocktail made with the vodka should not hide its booziness but celebrate it. And so, keeping an eye on measuring the ingredients goes a long way. Also, make sure to use the right amount of ice when making cocktails from vodka. Ice does not just chill the drink but also provides a little dilution.

  • Keep it simple: You do not always need to go extravagant on the ingredients to make a memorable cocktail from vodka. Always make sure to use ingredients that you understand. Do not go overboard and use more than two to three ingredients per drink. Look at a cocktail as something you make often and perfect several attempts.

It should look nice: People often gush over the presentation of a cocktail more than the cocktail itself. While you do not have to be obsessive about how a cocktail looks, you should take some time and care over the presentation. Small things like using a frosted glass and adding some fruits or lemon swirl as garnish can make the one you’re making the cocktail for feel special. Even when you’re making it for yourself, always remember that you deserve a good-looking cocktail made with the best vodka in goa.

Every ingredient matters

Every component of a cocktail makes a huge difference to its taste. The brand of liquor you use, quality of mixing syrups/flavours, fresh herbs/fruits, and so on. Hence, it is a good idea to pay attention to these details when making cocktails with the best vodka in goa.

  • But also, have fun: Most of all, cocktail making should be fun! The whole idea of making cocktails with the best vodka in Goa is to have a fun time. So while you keep an eye on details, do not get too obsessive about it. There are plenty of ways to mix a good cocktail when you have the right vodka. So, get creative. Make mistakes. That’s how we’ll learn.

Make sure to always use the best vodka brands in goa to make sure your cocktails turn out to be amazing. Apply the above information, tips, and tricks to your cocktail-making sessions using the best vodka brands in goa, and we’re sure you’ll have a great time. 

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Mystery Mule


60 ML Cucumber Rahasya vodka
15 ML Ginger Syrup
20 ML Lime juice
6 – 7 Pieces Mint Leaves
100 ML Soda to top up



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Dry vermouth
1 Piece Lime zest



50 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Triple sec
20 ML Lime juice
60 ML Cranberry juice
1 Piece Orange Zest

Mystery Mood


45 ML Rahasya vodka
20 ML Limoncello
20 ML Lime juice
15 ML Elderflower mint syrup
90 ML Tonic water

Tropical Thriller


60 ML Rahasya vodka
15 ML Pineapple mint puree
10 ML Lime juice
90 ML Coconut water

Mystery Mary


60 ML Rahasya vodka
90 ML Fresh tomato juice
15 ML Lime juice
15 ML Sugar syrup
4 Dashes Tabasco
1 GM Celery salt rim

Get Lucky or The Mandavli


60 ML Pepper Rahasya
20 ML Strawberry rosemary shrub
100 ML Tonic water

Procedure –

  • In a highball glass add ice
  • Pour the ingredients 
  • Top up with tonic water 
  • Garnish with rosemary and strawberry

Strawberry Rosemary shrub –

  • In a bowl add chopped rosemary
  • Mix strawberries with 500 gm sugar 
  • Let marinate overnight till sugar is dissolved
  • Add 200 ml or as required Red wine vinegar (set aside for 2 hours)
  • Strain and store in a jar or bottle

Wake Me Up


60 ML Rahasya Vodka
60 ML Espresso coffee
20 ML Star anise syrup

Watermelon Basil Martini


60 ML Rahasya vodka
60 ML Watermelon basil puree
20 ML Lime juice